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Gifts to Fill the Blank Page, Year 2

Last year, we wrote a popular blog post on gifts for writers (and readers). Our own holiday gifts to one another were literary in theme – a Mad Hatter tea pot for Michelle, Romeo and Juliet  fingerless gloves for Judith. Anything that helps inspiration flow, right?

mad-hatterSo we did another survey for what gifts you might consider for the holidays. Here are some of our favorite picks.

Lithograph offers t-shirts, posters, totes and, yes, even tattoos with the designs derived from the actual text of your favorite books. You can choose from American Lit, British Lit, Sci-Fi, Plays, Poetry, and much more. And as an incentive to buy, Lithograph sends a book to a community in need via the International Book Bank with every order.

jules-verneIs your idea of a literary figure the man (or woman) inspired by spirits? If so, you might want to consider the Great Drinkers Shot Glasses, featuring such famous drinky writers as Oscar Wilde and Dorothy Parker. (We don’t generally advocate finding inspiration in a shot glass, of course – but these are fun.) You can find these in the Mental Floss store, along with several other gifts of writerly inspiration.

drinky-writersPossibly a better drink choice is tea, and here we turn to Bag Ladies Teas for their Novel Teas. There’s no lack of literary mugs to use to dunk that tea bag in – or pour in coffee, if that’s your choice. In fact, there are too many to name just one company. So we’re grateful that BuzzFeed did a nice round up for us, of 13 Awesome Literary Mugs That Will Make Any Word Nerd’s Morning Brighter.

novel-front-200x300Uncommon Goods has a number of literary gifts, including a literary scarf to die for, literary necklaces and cuff links, and some really cute socks of banned books and library cards. But the most intriguing gift of on the page has to be the literary i-Phone cases.

iPhone-casesAnd, of course, there’s nothing like Bas Bleu for whimsical, writerly gifts. Check out their Literari section for many of the items listed above – and others as well.

A gentle reminder that TWC has a perfect stocking stuffer of our own. Our Story Magic Inspiration Decks are kid-inspired and adult-writer-tested, guaranteed to spark writing ideas that will take your stories to strange and wonderful places. You can buy them on our website or at some of our favorite local retailers.


Finally, motivate the writer in your life with the gift of a TWC workshop or special event. Contact us to find out about gift certificates and more.

There is nothing quite like the gift of inspiration!

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