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I’m Gonna Be on TV!!!

Don’t all authors dream of being interviewed on TV? Ideally, the topic should be their sweat-and-blood books, but if not that, then maybe their knowledge of the topic about which they’ve written.
For historical novelists, getting to express our opinions on a legitimate documentary is a virtual Holy Grail. In just a few breathes, we leap from the shadows of fiction into the bright light of authenticity, speaking side by side with scholars and experts in the fields that have heretofore informed our creations.

Well, on November 13, 2012, I will join some truly illustrious experts in the documentary series MANKIND: A History of All of Us, airing on the History Channel at 9:00 PM ET.

Mankind: The Story of Us All

No kidding!!! Click above and watch the video. That’s me–the first voice in the promo–saying, “Planting the first seed is the first step toward civilization.” How cool!

I’ve had this under my hat for months. The taping took place back in January. It was Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday, cold, blustery, and my boys were off from school, but I gussied up (yes, thanks to beloved Sandra Joseph, one of our old TWC friends, who took me to the Short Hills Mall and made sure I had the right color blouse and some decent make-up!) and schlepped into the City to a mysterious mansion tucked in the Village only a few blocks from where I once lived. Who knew?

There I spent several hours answering questions about the Vikings, of course, but also about a half dozen other topics I was lucky enough to be familiar with, crossing timelines and geographies to many of the realms of human history I’ve been fascinated with and researching for years. I knew somehow, someday, all of that extra-curricular reading I’ve done would come in handy.

Please tune in on November 13. Please please share the news. Blog, Facebook (Here’s my Author Page – please “like” me!), Tweet, Pininterest and tell them I sent you!

Meanwhile, in the hopes that my few minutes of air-time might spur some latent interest, I’ve put some of my personal copies of The Thrall’s Tale up online for sale. It’s technically and sadly out of print now, so I’m just about the only source there is. But I’m planning an e-book one way or another. In the meantime, let my publisher know that you haven’t forgotten me!

Oh, and yes, Pasture of Heaven is inching along!

About Judith

Judith Lindbergh's latest novel, Pasture of Heaven, is about a nomad woman warrior on the Central Asian steppes in the 5th century BCE. (And there really were!) Her first novel, The Thrall's Tale, is a literary historical novel about three women in the first Viking Age settlement in 10th century Greenland. The Thrall's Tale was a Booksense Pick and a Borders Original Voices selection. Judith is also the founder and director of The Writers Circle, a creative writing program offering workshops for children and adults.

2 comments on “I’m Gonna Be on TV!!!

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  2. Shelley Burbank
    November 8, 2012

    Tres cool!

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