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The Magic of Words

Creativity, Imagination and Play are
the most critical tools of writing.

Childhood is filled with storytelling and imagination games.

Then why, by the time our kids reach 3rd or 4th grade, aren’t they all writing amazingly creative, imaginative stories?

For many children, the words – or the rigid mechanics of reading and writing – get in the way.

For others, the intense pressure to get it right has shut off the tap to a mere trickle.

The goal of the Writers Circle Creative Writing Workshops is to set a child’s imagination free. Through fun exercises, a non-judgmental approach and a safe environment for self-expression, children learn to tap into their natural imaginative reserves using the tools of language to express their greatest ideas.

Child Writing

The Writers Circle Approach

The Writers Circle Creative Writing Workshops tap into children’s natural enthusiasm and free their creative spirit. But instead of using toys or costumes, we use the most powerful creative tool ever created – the written word.

Using role-playing, music, movement and tactile experience as well as examples of great stories from around the world, children develop an awareness of the basic building blocks of creative writing.

The Writers Circle will
• Build writing confidence
• Spur imagination and self-expression
• Ignite a passion for reading
• Improve compositional skills
• Teach the value of rewriting
• Make writing fun
• Set your child’s imagination free

10 Truths about Creative Writing
1. Write whatever comes into your head. You can always fix it later.
2. You can write about anything. No subject is taboo.
3. Writing is an adventure (and can be about an adventure).
4. Words are toys, costumes, props, the playground. Writing is the game.
5. You can go anywhere, do anything, be anyone through your writing.
6. Writing is better than screaming, yelling, punching or crying.
7. Writing is how you can be heard even when no one will listen.
8. Writing is about joy, hopes, dreams, and fantastic futures.
9. Writing isn’t an assignment, it’s an invitation.
10. With writing, there are no rules.

About Judith

Judith Lindbergh's latest novel, Pasture of Heaven, is about a nomad woman warrior on the Central Asian steppes in the 5th century BCE. (And there really were!) Her first novel, The Thrall's Tale, is a literary historical novel about three women in the first Viking Age settlement in 10th century Greenland. The Thrall's Tale was a Booksense Pick and a Borders Original Voices selection. Judith is also the founder and director of The Writers Circle, a creative writing program offering workshops for children and adults.


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